In 1927, Myer Dunn, opened his first restaurant in Montreal with a simple mission in mind. His mission was to create the juiciest smoked meats possible, all cooked to perfection with his secret blend of herbs and spices. With quality and careful preparation a main focus of his food, his mouth-watering sandwiches soon caught the attention of the masses, and it wasn’t long before his name and restaurant became synonymous with the smoked meat.
Always passionate about providing hungry Montrealers with a delicious, authentic and memorable taste experience, Myer truly made Dunn’s a cornerstone of the city. Over 80 years later, this story is still the same, and Dunn’s Famous Restaurant continues to bring Myer’s delicately smoked meats and legendary recipes to Montreal. Still using the same recipe and cooking techniques as when we first started, all of our sandwiches maintain that distinct smoked flavour, fall-off-the-bone tenderness and bold flavour that brings our guests back time and time again

Marinated and brined for 14 hours, then steamed to perfection for an additional 3, each piece of our beef brisket is cooked with time and patience, to ensure a flawless flavour and texture. Then, our specially trained chefs hand slice each piece, careful to choose only the best cuts every time.
We also feature over 40 other fan favourites, including our famous Quebecoise poutine with home-made gravy, hot French onion soup, savoury mushroom burger, decadent cheese cake and more. Taking pride in quality ingredients, preparation and service, we maintain Myer’s legendary standards of excellence, which is why generations of friends and families, old and new, continue to gather at our restaurant year after year for that unbeatable Montreal smoked meat.

Tradition is truly at the heart of what we do, and for us, that means sticking to the authentic smoked meat recipe that Myer first introduced to Montreal back in 1927. There are no short cuts or quick fixes, and we ensure each piece of beef is still hand-sliced by some of the most skilled meat cutters in the industry, just like when we first opened.
Likewise, you’ll find that the layers upon layers of smoked meat in each sandwich are still stacked as high and thick as they were in the old days, because that’s part of our history and who we are. Always warm, welcoming and friendly, we make sure our guests have a great experience every time they come in. You’ll always have your favourite dishes just the way you like them, whether it’s our savoury Montreal smoked meat sandwiches or our famous fresh soups, salads or desserts. Come see us on Decarie Boulevard or call us to have your order delivered and taste some of Montreal’s most celebrated favourites at Dunn’s Famous Restaurant. It’s a tradition!